What is Office 365? | Microsoft Office 365 Cloud solution Review
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What is Office 365? | Microsoft Office 365 Cloud solution Review

Microsoft Office 365

What is Office 365? | Microsoft Office 365 Cloud solution Review

Microsoft Office 365

As the trend in cloud based solutions is increasing rapidly, Microsoft is now offering cloud-based versions of its popular office suite software which is called office 365. I bet you, if you are yet to adopt this, then you are losing a lot as it makes office and corporate work easier especially when it has do with two or more colleagues at work. The Microsoft Office 365 is a premium package cloud service featuring online email account, Office suites (MS word, Excel, Power point, etc.), online file sharing feature and a lot more.

Flexibility is one key and important aspect of Office 365. With the launch of the Microsoft office 365 service, office automation tools and services for companies at different sizes are no longer tied to a single PC, thereby allowing every user to have access to a document, job, work that is any PC from his/her office desktop or PC. Also, with Microsoft Office 365, a user can now access his/her Outlook email, edit Office files, calendars or chat with other colleagues virtually from anywhere using any device.

With all said and done, you get to find out that having access to all these features plays a vital role in the success of any business irrespective of the size.

Use: Microsoft Support page if you have any further inquiry about Office 365

Advantages of using Office 365

  • Perfect and Flawless synchronization between your devices:

Before this modern era, most users worked basically with one device but now, most users now work with more than one device. Now we all use Smartphone, laptop and tablet to work at the same time. Some files are stored in the smartphone, others in the tablet while other major files are saved in the laptop or PC. Now having all the files saved in different devices, and would love to get in touch with any if you would  need any for work, that means they is a need to automatically sync all of this important files and data on all your devices.

To sync all of our files and data automatically, all you need to do is to configure the same outlook account on all of the devices to be used. The outlook account will then automatically sync all the files and data across those multiple devices and once synced has been completed, the device you are using to access your account doesn’t matter anymore as they all will look exactly the same way you left it the last time you worked on any of the devices.

  • Access your important data from anywhere:

Microsoft Office 365 has got so many awesome benefit. By this, you can have access to you files and data at any location using any devices that has the Outlook email account to login. You don’t need to carry that exact device you used to store the files and can access all your emails, calendar information, contacts and the rest of them. All you need is a good internet connection to have Outlook 365 save all your data to the cloud. And with any device having access to it, you get to enjoy unlimited access to unlimited productivity.

  • Mobile devices support:

Office 365 is mobile optimized and you can have full access your emails, documents, calendars and excel sheets etc. this have helped a lot as you no longer have to site your computer all the time to access your account. Once a mail I sent  to you, you will bet straight away into your inbox in your mobile device.

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